Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Can't Help It. . .I'm Addicted!

Here are some images from a recent Pre-Wedding shoot that I did. The wedding is on the 24th. We had such a fun shoot. Such a fun couple and so beautifully perfect together.

I really love this one. They are so in love! It's so fun to take pictures of two people who are so totally in love. You never have to be silly to get them to smile. They just have a constant smile on their face and a special glow that only two people in love can have!
This is my favorite of the bride by herself. It is so perfect and she is just so beautiful. Her sweet fiance couldn't stop smiling as he watched his perfect bride standing there looking so incredible!
Our goal was to get some nice sunset pictures. I think we succeeded. I feel like these are the perfect "Colorado Wedding" pictures!
THANK YOU, Jaci and David, for picking me to take these pictures for you. It was so fun and such a privilege to capture these moments. I cannot wait for your wedding day. I'm sure, however, I am not as excited as you two!