Saturday, February 28, 2009

Officially "Cool"

So I was informed today by my sweet 5-year old daughter that I am "cool". I am always striving to be seen as "cool" in the eyes of my children, you know. It's something that, at my age, I don't hear from my children very much. Usually they are letting me know that I'm NOT cool, that I'm soooo old-fashioned, or don't know how it is anymore. It's not a fun thing to be told by my children how completely out-of-touch I am with their world now! So, as you could imagine, when one of my children told me today that I'm cool, I had to get more details!

The conversation went something kind of like this:

Lindsay: Mom, you're so cool!
Me: Wow! Really! Thank you! Um. . . why am I cool?
Lindsay: Because you can fit a whole piece of bacon in your mouth in one bite!!!
Me: Wow! Really?! Um. . .cool!

So, now you know what you have to be able to do in order to be considered "cool" by your kids these days!! And, just so you do it right, when I cook our bacon, I cut the pieces in half before cooking them. So really, you only need to fit a HALF of a piece of bacon in your mouth in one bite!!! Good luck! It's a real feat to be seen as "cool" by your kids! I'm so glad that I successfully accomplished it!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time for some Retro-action!

So I was running around, doing some errands this morning and in the mood for some good, soul-stirring music. I pushed the buttons on my radio to the usual stations and couldn't find anything that seemed to fit my mood. I needed something to just get me going. . .ready for the day. . .something fun, upbeat and um. . . ."just right"! I finally pushed the button that Roland likes. It's a station that plays "whatever they want" and you can often hear some older music. I don't usually like to listen to the older music from my younger (aka wilder) years. However. . .there was a song playing that was pretty much my FAVORITE song when I was in college. By a group called INXS. Anyone know of them? Anyway, I cranked the radio up louder than I ever have it and just soaked in the moment! Wisked away to another time (longer ago than I really want to be reminded) about 25 years ago (ouch--that was a long time ago! Can I really be that old?!) It was fun! It was just what I needed I guess because it set the tone for the rest of the day and I have just felt good all day!

Maybe it's reflecting on my past and realizing how far I've come that makes me feel good? Maybe it's remembering how much fun I had then and helping me "lighten up" and remember to have fun again. Life sometimes gets sooooo overwhelming and I get so bogged down with all the stresses and unwanted necessities.

So, I thought I'd put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs that I listened to so long ago and give you a little glimpse into what I liked. I feel like music says so much about a person. Please understand. . .there are some songs that, although I've put them on the playlist, don't reflect who I am NOW but rather THEN!!!! Some of them I am embarressed to have on here. Some songs that I remembered listening to did not make the cut this time. WAAAY too much not who am I anymore!!!

Anyway, have fun listening. I'm going to go to my Mom's later and find some pictures of me from that era. Now THAT will be fun!!!!