Saturday, February 28, 2009

Officially "Cool"

So I was informed today by my sweet 5-year old daughter that I am "cool". I am always striving to be seen as "cool" in the eyes of my children, you know. It's something that, at my age, I don't hear from my children very much. Usually they are letting me know that I'm NOT cool, that I'm soooo old-fashioned, or don't know how it is anymore. It's not a fun thing to be told by my children how completely out-of-touch I am with their world now! So, as you could imagine, when one of my children told me today that I'm cool, I had to get more details!

The conversation went something kind of like this:

Lindsay: Mom, you're so cool!
Me: Wow! Really! Thank you! Um. . . why am I cool?
Lindsay: Because you can fit a whole piece of bacon in your mouth in one bite!!!
Me: Wow! Really?! Um. . .cool!

So, now you know what you have to be able to do in order to be considered "cool" by your kids these days!! And, just so you do it right, when I cook our bacon, I cut the pieces in half before cooking them. So really, you only need to fit a HALF of a piece of bacon in your mouth in one bite!!! Good luck! It's a real feat to be seen as "cool" by your kids! I'm so glad that I successfully accomplished it!!!


  1. Aren't kids the greatest? I love how such simple things can make their day. Patti, you are pretty cool! Thanks for the tip; I'll keep that in mind so that my kids'll think I'm cool someday too. :)

  2. Congratulations!! I'm starting to lose the "cool status" with my children, so I appreciate the tip! :)

    I'm so glad you found me on facebook!! Brian and I miss you guys and have been wondering what you are up to. We noticed you have added a few more babies to your group! How fun! Are you still in Denver? Brian gets a chance to travel that way every once in awhile, and he was hoping to hook up with you guys the next time he's out that way...perhaps I can go too! ...we'll see, however keeping things going while he is out of town is a full time job :) I loved looking at your photography site! I'm so glad that you are still doing what you love and what you are good at :) A good friend of mine, Angie, is also a very creative photographer, and I'm grateful to have her close because I appreciate her style as well. Until Angie showed up, Brian and I always said that we really wished you guys were still around to take our pictures...we love your style! This is getting a bit long, and not really the format to go into lots of details, but I'm glad that we can keep in touch now!! :)

  3. lol...I will have to try it!! Hey by the way thank you sooooooo much for your lesson yesterday. You know those sundays you go to church really searching for ansers...a bit more intensly then other sundays...well lets just say I am gratful for sunday and how the lord can speak to one person through the spirit and because the peson giving the lesson was in tune and helped bring the spirit to the lesson...thanks so much for all you do girl!!!