Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paul's Epistle to the Phillippians, I

We had a really good lesson in Seminary last week. I truly enjoy teaching Seminary! I love feeling the Spirit as I bear testimony and teach Gospel truths. This particular lesson, however, was especially meaningful to me.

We were covering Paul's letter to the Phillippians. It's a short little book in the New Testament, but as I studied it enough to teach it, I discovered some wonderful things that will probably help me for many years to come. I find myself wanting to be more like Paul. He was steady in the midst of his trials.

When Paul wrote this letter to the Phillippians, he was in a Roman prison. He was put there for preaching the gospel! What kind of justice is that?! Here he is, doing the right thing and how is he rewarded?! It seems that he could've been spared such treatment. That God would've protected him and helped him. He'd done it before. . .He has the power. Yet, He allowed Paul to be put into jail. To suffer many great hardships.

Paul's attitude as he endured these hardships shines through as he wrote this epistle. He does not question why. He does not whine and complain or get angry (all of which I often do in the midst of my own trials). Rather, he expresses his total faith and willingness to endure.

In verse 12 of the first chapter he says, "But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel." In other words, he is saying that because of the things that have happened to him, the gospel has moved forward. Others have been brought closer to the Savior.

This causes me to reflect on my own life. I ask myself, "have the things which have happened to me, the way that I've dealt with my trials, my attitude, my example. . .has it helped anyone else come closer to our Savior?

I feel like I can answer in the affirmative. I also, however, fear that I haven't always been as faithful, as valiant as I could've been. How differently, how much better trials and hardships can be endured if we have the attitude of bringing others closer to the Savior because of what we are experiencing. To glorify God in all things. I love this example from Paul. It is so powerful!

(to be continued. . .)


  1. Thank you! I love discovering truths in the scriptures, and this sounds like I need to read about Paul...could help me with my attitude ;)

  2. I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!