Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook Delimma

So I'm starting this here blog because I am pretty much thinking that I should shut down my Facebook. Which is really a sad thing to me because I really like how I am able to keep in touch with a lot of people who I care about via Facebook. I have been able to reconnect to some very special people in my life who, because of time and distance, I had lost touch with. I wonder how many of those people will keep in touch with me via e-mail, blogging, and other means of communication. Wow! Maybe some of them will even call me on the phone more often!!!

I wonder if I just pull all my pictures off of Facebook and post them on this new blog. . .then I could maybe taper myself off of Facebook slowly. . .kind of like some drug that I've become helplessly addicted to! Augh! I think this really stinks. Anyone else out there think that this stinks?!

Well. . .(sigh). Just what I need to occupy what little extra time I have. A blog! It does give me a chance to find my voice and write more though. I do love to write. The concern is, is there anyone out there that wants to READ what I write!!!!


  1. Of course I want to read what you write :) I miss seeing you and this way I get to be a part of you a little more. And WHY do you want to shut down your facebook?

  2. I just read all your comments on FB so understand WHY now. Love you

  3. For what it's worth..I would only use facebook to keep in touch with family pics and stuff, then have a blog that is just business.

  4. I too have loved Facebook, but I have a fear of putting too much personal information out there. I worry about what some people are capable of. I guess that is why my posts have been so very far apart.....but I have to say how grateful I am to have been able to reconnect with so many people. I even found someone I have been searching for years to find. She wasn't on FB, but happens to live just down the road from another classmate that is on FB.

    Even blogs kindof scare me. I LOVE reading those that I am aware of, I even started my own blog in order to keep track of all my friends blogs :) Maybe I am just too paranoid...

    I guess I am saying: do what you need to do, what you feel right about. Just don't forget about all your friends. :)