Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today's best moment was early in the morning when Lucas woke up before anyone else (except me) and snuggled with me on the couch for a bit. Then it turned into a kissing contest. This was something like a "gotcha last" game (or tag if you've never heard of "gotcha last"). He would try to kiss me and get far enough away before I could kiss him back. He couldn't win. Everytime he kissed me, I kissed him back before he could pull back far enough. Of course, I was holding him pretty close and tight too! Then he thought he'd give me a "kiss attack" and get ahead of me on how many kisses he'd given for every one I'd given. I kiss attacked him back. It was so fun to play with him. Lucas has the best laugh and it is so contagious! In fact, our laughing and carrying on soon woke Lindsay and she had to join in the fun. I had no chance of winning a gotcha last kissing game with both of them, so I changed it to a ticklefest. We laughed until our sides hurt. Then Lucas accidently snorted and we laughed more! He couldn't stop snorting. And then he wouldn't stop snorting! Once he realized that it was a way to get me to laugh, he snorted and snorted until we were all snorting!!!

I love days when I can just relish in the joy of being "mom". There is nothing that brings me more pure joy than spending such moments with my children.

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