Monday, October 12, 2009

Honey, Onion, Licorice and Elderberry syrup. . . .

My Herbs/Medicine

I think I have the flu. I am not willing to say that it's the "swine" flu, but they say here in Colorado it's really the only strain that's going around. I thought I was feeling better earlier today, but now I am feeling quite yucky.

I am so grateful for my good friend, Robyn, who knows a lot about herbs. She made me up some cough syrup from honey, onion, licorice and other "unknown-to-me" herbs. Helps my coughs to be more productive. She also gave me some elderberry syrup to help clear my lungs and sinuses. I'm also taking some "composition herb" capsules for my immune system. The whole herbal thing is pretty cool. I tell my friend all the time that if the time comes that we have to travel long distances without "modern conveniences" I want to travel with them for sure!

Makes me wonder. . .who would you travel with if you had to? What are your thoughts on herbs versus medicine?

And a favor. . .pray that Roland doesn't get this yucky crud!!!

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  1. I am glad you are doing better!! That is never fun...I will say that she is amazing with her herbs so I am not surprised